Employee Happiness Increases ROI

The mission of Aspen Edge Consulting is to provide proven strategies and programs that give our business clients the tools to allow them the focus on creating a lean, engaged, profit-increasing staff. Our results driven programs bring the much needed ROI by increasing employee job satisfaction and overall happiness on the job by improving the communication skills of the leadership team.

Did you know that the typical manager spends 2 ½ hours per week dealing with workplace conflicts which translates into $359 billion in losses for U.S. companies every year?  That is a lot of time that could be used in strategy development, visioning, recognizing employees and other essential steps to expanding your business. 

85-95% of the difference between a “good leader” and an “excellent leader” is due to emotional intelligence, not IQ.   This is a learnable skill!  We align programs through a wide range of business tools that lead to greater EQ and communications skills for our clients.  Your satisfied and happy employees lead to loyal customers which leads to more sales. Content employees also mean reduced turnover – saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

How do we make it work for you?

  • Leadership Training
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training
  • Communication Development and Conflict Reduction

Bottomline, working with Aspen Edge will give your leaders the tools to increase morale and techniques to use when emotions run high. Your management team will learn how to cultivate talent that will allow you to keep and attract innovators and top performers.