Is your organization’s talent ready for the future? 
Succession planning for future success.

Talent management continues to become increasingly critical to an organization’s bottom line and future success. Tightened budgets force companies to do more with less and with multiple generations with divergent needs and career aspirations talent management’s importance continues to be raised. Strong talent management can produce the right supply of quality talent and future leadership. It can improve productivity, increase reduction, manage corporate risk and speed the trajectory of your company’s strategic direction. Learn why succession planning fails, how it has been evolving, what the critical success factors are and how to avoid common derailers.

Social and Emotional Intelligence for a Stronger Workplace: The ROI of SE+I
The workplace today contains more personality types than we can count.  Learning to work with all of these different people can sometimes be challenging. In this session learn the details around what emotional intelligence is and how can you improve yours.  Hear about case studies where emotional intelligence led to increased business results.  Learn about common blind spots that hold many back from getting that next promotion. Take away tools that you can use to improve the way you relate to people at work and in turn have increased influence.

Team Effectiveness

Trust is the Key: Five Essential Behaviors for Building a Cohesive Team
Building an effective team is difficult. Team members must be willing to being honest with one another, open to constructive debate, supportive of decisions, and persistently hold one another accountable for results.   Based on the bestselling book "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team", this program helps teams understand the key components that build a cohesive team including trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. Assess team performance and identify strategies to improve the team's overall success.  

Transform Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict is one of the largest reducible costs in a business. At the same time, conflict is an inevitable part of relationships. Learn how to recognize and understand conflict behaviors. Once you identify these conflict behaviors, you can effectively engage others to have productive conflicts. Productive conflict can make your team more cohesive, less likely to waste time and energy, and more fun to be a part of.

Learning Objectives:

1) Understand conflict and how personality types shape conflict.

2) Identify destructive responses and behaviors.

3) Recognize automatic thoughts.

4) Use reframing to choose productive responses.

5) Learn how assessing your team and your leaders can assist in creating productive conflict.

    Women's Focus

    Having it all and Staying Sane: The Great Balancing Act of Career, Family and Self

    As women we have multiple priorities and it seems like there is a fine line between sanity and insanity.  Sometimes insanity feels like the better choice!  In this workshop we will stop, breathe and relax—and find space for clarity and awareness.  You will walk away understanding the steps you can take to begin to bring balance and peace back into your life.

    The Confidence Gap: Are The Women In Your Organization Losing Faith in Their Careers?
    Learn what leading organizations are doing to engage, retain and develop women in their business. Do they feel self-confident in their aspirations to reach top management? Are your HR practices and company culture helping or hurting your women? 

    Women join the workforce with equal confidence of their male counterparts, but this declines significantly over time. Understand the critical factors that lead to this drop.  Learn what you can to do level the playing field and ensure your company has the best chances of retaining them and keeping them engaged over the long haul. 

    • Learn about the study that shows the decline in confidence
    • Pushed out or opt out? Learn why women leave the workforce
    • Hear examples of what leading organizations are doing to retain and develop them
    • Learn what HR can do to act as a consultant and drive strategy in this important area

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