About Aspen Edge Consulting

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Aspen Edge Consulting, LLC was founded by Annette Matthies who brings over 25 years of experience working with organizations in boosting employee engagement, developing extraordinary teams, and building greater leadership capacity across the board. 

Today in her role as CEO of Aspen Edge she works with leaders (in groups and one-on-one) to increase their leadership skills, team effectiveness and emotional intelligence.  This is achieved by assisting her clients to gain greater awareness and communication skills that ultimately helps reduce silos and conflict. In addition to coaching, consulting and teaching skills, a vast array of assessments tools are utilized as needed.  One tool, Everything DiSC®, helps to build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles.

Annette’s vast experience in key executive positions in a variety of industries including software, financial services and manufacturing has brought great results to the organizations she works with including the attaining the coveted Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award. 

Current clients include small, medium and Fortune 500 companies and non-profits.  The results have allowed clients to develop higher profitability by engaging employees into become amazing and inspiring leaders. 

A Colorado native and alumnus of CU Boulder, Annette has built her amazing track record in the Boulder/Denver communities.   

About the Company Name

Aspen Edge Consulting was named on the fact that the beautiful and majestic aspen tree is also part of a larger organism that has deep roots.  Similar to humanity; that while we are each unique individuals, we are also part of a greater whole.  Aspens change their colors in the fall much like our behaviors change when we become self-aware. Leadership is much the same way.  Each leader is part of a larger organization, working together for the greater good of the whole.  By strengthening the root system with enhanced individual and leadership skills the entire organization can thrive.  

The “edge” in our name symbolizes the advantages your organization can have by investing in and developing your leadership and team capabilities.