Leadership Coaching

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Coaching helps individuals remove roadblocks and become better, more effective leaders.  In doing so, they wield more influence in their business, maximize their contribution and add more value. Ultimately this translates into increased profits and growing the business.

Are you a leader ready to take the next step in your career? Does your leadership team need leadership skill development? Do you have high-potentials who need grooming? Are your emerging leaders getting the leadership attention they need?

We coach leaders of all levels in growing companies on how to execute their visions to get results. Using a variety of coaching techniques, we work with individuals in one-on-one sessions to deepen their learning and keep them moving towards their dreams and goals.

Performance coaching can enhance the true potential of your leader. Understanding how thoughts and behaviors are affected by emotions, relationships and social networks is an effective tool for enhancing performance.

In our individual coaching we facilitate the development and action planning of the leader so that they can improve their performance. We help them identify road blocks, develop new skills and maximize their strengths. They also gain a greater self-awareness throughout the coaching engagement. We also can perform interviews with key individuals for additional feedback in addition to providing 360° assessments.

Are you a leader looking to improve your coaching skills?


Over the last 2 decades coaching has become very prevalent.  As business continues to accelerate and evolve, coaching is a highly effective practice which supports change efforts and increases business results.  It’s a powerful leadership instrument.  Training includes:

  • What managerial/leadership coaching is, and why and how it works

  • Tools and skills you need to develop to take a coach approach to leadership and management

  • How to conduct a coaching conversation

  • A model for the leadership coaching process (including gathering data on performance, how to discuss and provide feedback on recent performance, how to develop an action plan for moving forward, how to implement the development / action plan and how to evaluate continued progress and performance)

  • How to support and challenge your best performers to greater levels of success

  • How to integrate coaching seamlessly into your everyday interactions with your direct reports

  • How to shift your mindset from supervisor to coach


We use a variety of assessment in our coaching work to help leaders increase self-awareness, gain context for development planning and to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Assessments can help leaders understand their:

  • Behavioral styles

  • Communication skills

  • Strengths and blind spots

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership/management skills


Coaching helps individuals remove road blocks and become better, more effective leaders. In doing so, they wield more influence in their business, maximize their contribution and add more value. Ultimately this translates into increased profits, growing the business and broader career opportunities.