Workplace Trends for 2017 - Are You Ready?

Forbes Magazine recently had an article called 10 Workplace Trends You'll See in 2017.  Two of my favorite trends are: Millennial meet Generation Z in the workplace.  Gen Z (also known as Digital Natives) have just begun entering the workforce and Millennials are moving into management positions.  Interestingly, Harvard Business Review found that only 7% of companies have accelerated leadership programs to nurture them.  Do you have Millennials?  Are you part of the 7% or the 93%?  Drop us a line and we’ll help you create a custom leadership program to support their growth.

The war for talent heats up as the employer and employee contract continues to evolve.  As Boomers continue to make their exit, retaining the existing workforce becomes even more critical.  Maintaining high levels of employee engagement needs to be a key element of your Human Resources strategic plan.  Do you regularly survey your employees to understand their level of engagement?  Are you creating engagement plans to increase their level of engagement based on the data from the surveys?  Do you perform stay interviews?  If not, you could be putting your organization at risk of losing key contributors and ultimately your competitive advantage.  Let us help you put together a talent strategy to keep your best and brightest fully engaged.