Top 10 ways to Identify Leadership Potential

Are you ready to identify leadership potential?  Many are still vague on what high potential is and in organizations everyone has a different opinion.  You need a clear set of standards before you start and there are many ways to do this.  One of my favorite ways is using a set of criteria that DDI has developed that they say will accurately predict high-potential success based on research they have conducted.  Here is their list:  1. Propensity to lead. They step up to leadership opportunities. 2. They bring out the best in others 3. Authenticity. They have integrity, admit mistakes, and don’t let their egos get in their way 4. Receptivity to feedback. They seek out and welcome feedback 5. Learning agility.  The speed which they learn 6.  Culture Fit.  Ability to conform and adapt to company core values and behaviors of the organization.

7. Passion for Results.  Drives high standards and derives satisfaction from continuous improvement

8. Adaptability.  Maintaining effectiveness during change.

9. Conceptual Thinking.  Ability to see patterns and connections between seemingly unrelated things.

10. Navigates Ambiguity.  Manages unclear situations and the unknown effectively.


According to DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast, “organizations’ ability to identify and prepare high potentials remains weak overall.  Only 18% of HR professionals surveyed rated their organization as strong in its available bench strength to meet future business needs.”  Becoming clear on what defines top talent and using evidence-based competencies increases the changes that your available talent is ready to meet your business need when you need it.

Aspen Edge Consulting works with businesses to develop consistent leadership development processes which reduce the worry and help ensure you’re investing in your best and brightest.  Keeping your top talent from leaping to a new startup and fixating on that shiny new ball helps keep profit up by lowering your recruitment costs, increasing productivity and ultimately keeping your customers happy.  Interested in Aspen Edge Consulting help you assess your leadership talent? Drop me a line and let’s get started.